Not so False

When I saw the advertisements for Maybelline’s© Falsies Mascara, I thought “yeah right”. These models are really wearing false eyelashes and Maybelline needs to stop trying to come between me and my hard earned cash. Mascara is one of those makeup elements that can make or break your look, there are a lot of days that I won’t wear eye shadow, but I rarely ever leave the house without mascara. When my mascara approached its chuck date (3months) I was in desperate need of something to replace the product I grew to love while living in Korea. Maybelline is a brand I know, and I thought heck “I can’t get another drop outta my old mascara anyway.”

I lucked out; my tube of Maybelline Falsies mascara was on sale at Walgreens and only cost me six dollars. Already off to a good start, I ran home and put on my first coat. “Wow” was the first word out of my mouth, followed by “this stuff actually works!” I was so excited; the curved brush took my wimpy eyelashes from zero to ten in two coats. Yes!! I’ve found the love of my life, well at least the love of my make-up bag. 

The curved brush virtually spoons the mascara on to your lashes


*tip- Keep a few cotton swabs dipped in liquid eye makeup remover to handle any smudges on the eyelid. 

The difference is really noticeable. (Left eye has mascara, right eye is bare)


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